Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Twins Turn 3 - Hard Drive Failure Loses Memories

Carter & Cam turned three this past weekend. Unfortunately, as I was uploading photos of the big day (red train, plenty of cake, plenty of friends) to the laptop, the hard drive crashed (it crashed as soon as they were completed uploading and deleted from the camera). We put out the request for photos, but it turns out when other folks are at a birthday party taking pictures, they are taking them of their children (not ours).

C&C have come along way from March 29, 2005. The first 87 days of their lives were spent growing stronger and learning to breathe in a NICU. The picture on the left is of Cam's let hand at 3 days old (if I recall correctly).

Thanks to Dasha for sending the 6 pictures of historical record of the big day. And thanks to Rob for spending hours upon hours trying to recover the data on the drive. $50 and 6 hours later, it was a lost cause.

Yet another reminder to never trust a computer when handling your data. Don't trust that the data is safe until it is on a networked attached storage that is also backing up on an hourly basis. Maxtor / Seagate is my preferred NAS.

Now the boys big #3 is but a distant memory, with 5-6 pictures to remember the moment. We'll be better prepared come Keller's 5th.

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