Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is it football season yet?

The chick from Orange County that is a B-rated quarterback for the Bengals, aka Carson Palmer, is already fanning the flames of the upcoming Ohio State vs. USC game September 13th. This game may end up being bigger than the OSU Texas games a few years back. Definitely bigger than any non-conference games in the 90's. No one is giving OSU a shot and frankly OSU doesn't deserve respect until they can beat a top 5 team (following going 2-2 the last 4 games versus top 5 teams).

I know Carson was speaking as a fan and I like that energy, but I can already hear the boos coming now in Cincy on Sundays when Mr. Overhype Palmer goes 7-9 yet again this year.

Living in So Cal as a Buckeye fan has had its ups and downs over the past 8 years. Following a National Championship in 2002, USC was in or near the title game for the next 3 yeas and I've had to deal with the constant hazing from the folks wearing crimson and puke yellow. The Buckeyes need this win. I need this win or it is going to get even more difficult to keep the Buckeyes flag flying high on the house in Trojan country.

Given that football is now in the air, sounds like it is time to formally commence the Rich "L Rod" Rodriguez Fan Club. Shirt forthcoming. Go Bucks!

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