Tuesday, November 20, 2007

14-3 Buckeyes - The Dominant Force

I can't sum up the Ohio State Michigan game in one word, in fact, I can't sum it up in one post, but here is a shot at it:

  • LLLLLLoyd Carr - we will miss you. We were confident that not even you could get these Michigan players to respond to the biggest game in their Michigan career. I guess you should have announced your resignation before the game - to attempt to inspire them more. (Btw - your retirement press conference had people asleep in it).
  • Ohio State was dominant on both sides of the line.
  • I forgot that it could actually rain for 4 hours straight while it was 35 degrees.
  • Mike Hart - the single biggest mouth in the history of NCCA athletics went home 0-4 and has and never will win a big game in his college football career. Sure glad you left millions on the table this year to come back and 'Beat Ohio State' Mike. How did that turn out for you?
  • Chad Henne - perhaps the MVP for Ohio State for the game. You just knew when he was in the game, Michigan had no chance.
  • Jake Long - hey pal, at least you don't open your mouth. Then again, you did just get owned by Vernon and Ironhead. Top 5 pick eh?
  • The fact that I saw a number of "Mike Hart for Heisman" t-shirts being worn on game day brought out a chuckle (and plenty of ammunition for hazing and taunting).
  • I am pretty sure everyone around me was tired of hearing me cheer loud for Chad Henne. He was my favorite player on the field during gameday.
  • Jim Tressel is still one of the top 3 coaches in all of college football. Illinois had me scratching my head, but Tressel showed yet again that he can inspire and will a team to win - especially on the biggest stage of the year.
  • If you can't take the heat, why show up? I wasn't surprised, but it still puzzles me that a Michigan fan would show up in the stadium and be shocked to hear an OSU fan sling some mud across the bow. You all lost to Appalachian state dude.
  • Scherer was confronted by a 60-year old man who was ready to throw fists to defend his pathetic Michigan team's performance. He was later sucker punched by the 60-year old man's son. Class, nothing but class Michigan fan.
  • Immediately following the game, Scherer and I were surrounded by approximately 10 Michigan fans that wanted to take out some of their frustration on the 'OSU section leaders' in Section 34 Row 22. Thankfully, there still are some educated Michigan fans that do attend the game.
  • On the way out the door, I still had Michigan fans hazing me about the Illinois loss. This after their "national championship senior starters" put up 97 offensive yards total. Hey Michigan fan - time to start working on your post-game loss hazing skills.

This sums up the intelligence level north of the Ohio state line. More to come....

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