Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outside Lands Festival

Stellar weekend at the Outside Lands Festival this past weekend in Golden Gate Park. Thanks to my aunt, Kerri and I were able to escape to San Fran for a 4-day weekend in wine and music paradise. We were able to meet up with friends from near and far.

Highlights at OSL included Widespread Panic, ALO, Grace Potter. Quote of the weekend courtesy of Primus' Les Claypool - "San Fran, we're gonna knock some dust off the classics since many of them were written right down the street from here."

Claypool's quote made me think, where were all of the classic San Fran bands this past weekend? Where were members of the Grateful Dead? Where was Santana? Where were those that helped create the origianl SF music scene? They were truly missed and made me ultimately feel that this thing was too far down the path of $$ versus true roots of music and celebration.

Other criticisms include the fact that after 3 days of music, a very short half day on Friday (for the same price of Saturday and Sunday) felt like a ripoff. It was great to check Radiohead off the list, but they aren't really on my musical taste radar. Nevermind the fact that I spent 45 minutes waiting in a line for a beer missing the entire Beck set, Friday sure was a money grab.

Photo courtesy of Scherer. Taking in ALO as the first band of the day Sunday.

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