Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sonos Featured on Reader's Digest Back Cover

CF Payne, the in-house artist for Reader's Digest, featured Sonos in his most recent painting titled "Room Service." We have been hearing from partners and customers all over the country that have spotted this Sonos placement in the laundry basket. I am attempting to get in touch with him to see what inspired him. I hear he lives out of Cincinnati.

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Ok....Now Seriously

This pretty much sums up the old stereotype of the beauty pageant business, doesn't it?

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Friday, August 24, 2007

We Don't Rebuild, We Reload

Looking for some good YouTube videos of the is a nice recap of the talent we have coming back in 2007. I am buying into this year's theme of reloading...Go Bucks Michigan Sucks!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Buckeyes Right Around the Corner

I am predicting a 2-3 loss season this year for my Scarlet & Gray. With that said, in typical Tressel form, I believe the boys will head to Ann Arbor with an outside chance at a BCS game and with Lloyd Carr and big mouth Hart's undefeated season on the line. You know what that means don't you Lloyd?

And Mike Hart, you came back for your senior season to beat OSU, right? Looking forward to Beanie running all over your defense and putting your class in the record books as the class of 2007 that couldn't never beat the Buckeyes! Looking forward to you opening your mouth all season and blogging about it right here.

Go Bucks!

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Scherer Gets Published

My boy Jay Scherer( had his photography from the last SCI run ever at Red Rocks published by one of my favorite music sites Catch his piece here:

Many thanks to Carrie Lombardi and the SCI Fidelity crew to taking care of Jay during the past few years.
Damn I wish I was able to hit these shows....these guys put on a show that was pure energy..never wanting to sit down - even hours after they played their final encore. They will be missed and I sure hope Keller plays with these guys - at least one tour a year.

Best of luck Billy! You and the boys will be missed!

Nice work Scherer!

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