Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More SB Weekend Pics

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4 Meyer Kids Together in Phoenix at SB

On Saturday night of SB Weekend, we headed to Old Scottsdale. It was pretty much a bust of a night when it came to the parties (no Victoria Secret party for us;(. With that said, all for of us Meyer kids were out together for the first time (minus Jen's wedding) in a very, very long time. Ah mom and dad should be proud:)

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Manning Avoids Sack!

Here is the video I took of Eli Manning's unbelievable scramble which was eventually caught by David Tyree. Unfortunately, the excitement of the moment caused me to take my finger off of the button (damn camera is broken), but in any case, here was my perspective.

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Super Bowl Lives Up to the Hype!!

Wow - what a game. Although I didn't have any rooting interest in this game (next year Vikings!!), Rob and I were pulling for the Giants (sorry Pennell and Adrian E!). Although I am not a fan of this stadium due to history (41-14 ouch), it is a beautiful place to watch a football game. Tom Petty rocked the house. It was amazing to see how they pull off all of the 'during commercial' break madness to pull off such a production. He played 4 rocking classics and it was the first time I was ever able to see him live.

I don't like to sit still often, so we stood most of the game. Dad and Brian had the 15 yard line seats. Rob and I were up there in the nose bleeds - but it didn't matter. As you can see with some of the photos, the entire game unfolded in front of me. The middle photo is an actual completion by Brady to Welker that set-up there short-lived go ahead touchdown in the 4th.

The kicker was that immediately following the end of the game, we had to bolt for the airport (I had to leave for Holland the next day). So although we didn't get to stick around for the post game speech or ticker tape, it was definitely one of the top experiences of my life. And to boot, the weekend itself was epic in so many ways!

Thanks to Matt Quinn (and Dan Clifford) for hooking up my old man and Brian with the Patriots Team party tickets. Unfortunately, they didn't attend as it didn't appear there would be much to celebrate. And again, dad, what a wonderful weekend. The SB tickets combined with everything else - wow.

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Phoenix Open Sat & Sun of SB Weekend

All day Friday and all day Saturday Scherer, my dad and I took in the Phoenix Open. This place is nuts. It is a loud golf tournament. We didn't really move away from the 16th hole - 153 yard Par 3 that is literally enclosed in a stadium type atmosphere. It is called the 'Loudest Hole in Golf". The gallery actually boos players that don't hit the green. There is always a buzz at this hole - never, every quiet. I am not sure how these guys do it - except to try to just get out of there with par and move on. Again, my old man hooked us up with the primo tickets. Thanks dad.

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Suns vs. Spurs Kicked Off SB Weekend

Dad hooked up Scherer and I, first night of the weekend, with 6th row tix to the Suns vs. Spurs game. The Suns were rolling all game, but Ginobli ate up the Suns in the 4th and they squeaked it out. It was the long awaited rematch of Horry coming into America West, but Horry never saw the floor. Pics courtesy of Scherer. My ole man took very good care of us during this epic weekend in Phoenix. Thanks dad.

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Maxim Super Bowl Party

Thanks to Jessica M at Fingerprint, Scherer, Jen, Fred and I were able to take in the legendary Maxim party. We met up with the fellas from SIRIUS for some celeb watching and heavy drinking. The set-up was legendary with a pool and stage in the pool. As always, a first class operation by the crew behind Maxim's epic party planning committee. A shout out to Dan Parente who provided me my very first Maxim SB Party experience way back in Houston (and many others after that).

When we entered the check-in area, there was a surreal experience. There were five different lines to choose from when you arrived - VIPS, guests, sponsors, invited, and one other. In each line, there were about 10 people waiting, with the exception of the invited line. The invited line stretched 700 deep - and every one of those 700 were ladies 18-24 dressed in their Saturday night best. Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of this, but needless to say, it was one of the craziest things I have ever seen and was just wishing that I had a buddy or two that was a bachelor with us that night. He would have had fun.

Celebs spotted by our crew: Nick Faldo, Ian Baker Finch, Larry David, P Diddy and at this point, 15 others I can't remember.

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